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I am alive!!!!

So I have been home for awhile now but yall cant get mad at me bc I have been seeing my family and friends close to home bc I dont have time to drive everywhere. I have been working at my recruiters office for a while now too which is boring as hell. And I have been spending tons of time with Brandon. Yes we made it through and we have fallen harder for eachother than before I left. Its been awsome hanging out with him and I am so glad we made it. I love him very much and I hope this one works out for the best. Whatever the future brings I hope we r both as happy as can be. hopefully TOGETHER!!!! but yea. Boot camp wasnt that bad. It was hard as fuck but worth every minute of it. I leave Monday for combat training for 3 weeks. but i have a cell phone now and the # is (810) 599-6814 so yall need to call me to let me know whats been going on for the past 3 months! and dont worry when i come home ill visit all of u bc then i will have more time! I hope u r all doing great! and i miss u!
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